True Paradise Awaits in Hawaii

When it comes to finding the most idyllic, luxurious, and paradise-ridden place on earth, you have many choices at your disposal. For instance, anywhere in the Caribbean, and anywhere in the Indian Ocean would tick your boxes, but booking one of the many Hawaii beach homes on offer give you an experience like no other, as well as a pretty impressive sun tan!

In terms of one of the most out-there, interesting, unique, and downright jaw-droppingly beautiful places on earth, Hawaii has it covered. From Mother’s Nature’s mighty volcanoes, to some of the most stunning beaches you’ll ever set your eyes, the USA’s 50th state is one of the most sought-after destinations on the planet.

Located in the far reaches of Polynesia, Hawaii may be American, but it feels extremely far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, and feels much more akin to the laid-back chill of the Caribbean, with a little something extra thrown in for good measure. Packed with natural beauty, there is plenty to see and do, and a variety of islands to explore.

Hawaii is an island archipelago, and whilst there are more than 19 islands officially located in the region, only 6 of them are able to be visited for vacation purposes. Honolulu is famed for being the vibrant capital, and this is located on the island of Oahu. Here you will also find Pearl Harbour and famous Waikiki Beach, as well as some of the biggest surfing waves anywhere on the planet. You can easily learn the skill yourself at one of the many surf schools, or you can simply kick back and relax on the beach, soaking up the atmosphere, and watching the pros do their thing!

The Big Island, officially Hawaii Island, is home to the jaw-dropping Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, as well a natural coffee plantations and even beaches which appear to have sand with a green hue! You will find Mauna Loa here, which is known to be a volcano with the one of the highest levels of activity anywhere in the world. You can opt for a helicopter tour of the park, and this will really show you the might of Mother Nature at her angriest!

Despite the volcanoes, Hawaii Island (Big Island) also has some big resorts, namely Kohala Coast, where you will find plentiful tourist opportunities.

Maui is another large island and here you will find the volcano of Haleakala, as well as big named resorts, such as Lahaina and Kapalua. Hire a car and head off on a road trip, because some of the coastal roads around the island are seriously jaw-dropping, and will fill your camera with memories to last a lifetime.

Another must visit island is Lanai. Whilst this island used to be exclusively owned by Dole Foods, because of the large amount of pineapple fields in situ on the island (there is also a factory you can visit and sample some), there is now an abundance of seriously luxurious resorts around here, so you can enjoy luxury and sophistication in the very warm sunshine!

Of course, wherever you visit, you can expect great weather, but it’s worth mentioning that the weather can differ drastically if you go to altitude, or on the north an eastern side of the islands. Whilst here aren’t really the four seasons in Hawaii, you should bear in mind that June to November is Hurricane season. It’s not common for Hawaii to be affected, but it is something to think about. Put simply however, you need your sun-cream and a hat regardless of when you visit!

To get into Hawaii you need to adhere to USA visa rules, so that means either applying online for an ESTA, if your country is involved in the scheme, or applying for a more formal visa, if your country of origin requests it. Check online for entry requirements, to avoid any problems when you arrive.

To really get into the Hawaiian feel, be sure to check out a hula show, or even learn at one of the many lessons on offer! On top of this check out ukulele lessons, or learn how to surf at one of the countless surf schools around the main islands. If you want something more laid-back and natural, how about a horseback expedition, or maybe simply relax on the beach.

Nature lovers are in their element in Hawaii, with the chance to snorkel, check out the underwater residents of the Pacific, or even snorkel with sharks! You can swim with wild dolphins on the Big Island, and there is the chance to snorkel in the Molokini Crater, which is a submerged volcanic crater – quite unique, you’ll agree! Visit Maui between December to April to spot humpback whales too.

History fans will definitely want to visit the Pearl Harbour site, and on Oahu you should also venture to the Polynesian Cultural Centre, to get a real feel for the traditions and cultures of the region.

Put simply, Hawaii is not just a vacation destination, it is a true experience in itself. Mother Nature has carved these islands from her might and fury, before decorating them with her prettiest decorations, and to see all of it with your own eyes is something you certainly should never say “no” too.

So, for your next vacation, it’s time to look a little further afield, and relax in total peace and serenity.

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