The Things You Learn From Doing Business in Dubai

As if you didn’t already know, Dubai is one of the coolest and most vibrant cities in the world. The endless boats lined up along the picturesque marinas are an Instagram picture waiting to happen.

However, there is more to Dubai than the socialites Instagram account may suggest – with thousands of ex-pats flooding in every year, it is also an international business hub that offers a lot to learn about the business world.

The UAE was actually recently ranked 31st in the World Bank’s Ease of doing Business Survey. For business or for pleasure, there probably aren’t many people who have not dreamt of hopping on a flight from London to Dubai and experiencing all it has to offer.

  1. As in all aspects of business, sometimes a little goes a long way. Whilst no one expects you to be fluent in Arabic in Dubai, learning a few words as a gesture and mark of respect certainly gets you a positive response. Putting in a little extra effort for those you are doing business like taking the time to learn a little about their language and culture is something that will always be appreciated.
  1. Coming from London where the world of business is generally kept separate from everything else, Dubai is a world where business and friendship collide. As a general rule, people prefer to do business with those that they know well and know for sure that they can trust. It is all about building personal relationships as business in Dubai can often revolve around family or personal relationships. The ability to foster these kinds of relationships is a skill you can learn in Dubai that is bound to come in handy wherever you go!
  1. Face to face communication is always better in business and in the Middle East it is almost exclusively preferred. If it is possible to meet with people rather than sending an email or picking up the phone it is more likely to benefit you to do it. A flight from London to Dubai might actually be a necessity (Oh what a shame)! Emails and written words tend to be taken far less seriously. So it looks like it might be time to get packing…
  1. Patience is a virtue and nowhere will you learn this more so than from doing business in Dubai. Decisions are not often made quickly and time keeping varies greatly in this chaotic city – although you will always still be expected to be on time! It is also a city where applying pressure to hurry people up is not often received well so it is best to have a little patience.
  1. There is more to lunch breaks than searching central London for the best sushi joint or salad bar! That’s right, instead of sitting in a café in London staring outside at the rain, you could be soaking up the sun while taking your hard earned lunch break at a restaurant at the side of the marina…

So if you’ve ever thought of doing business in Dubai, there has been no better time than now to experience all the business knowledge, culture, people, food and scenery that this incredible city has to offer!

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