Thailand on Two Wheels

A motorcycle tour is perhaps one of the most iconic and thrilling journeys you can take on the open road; now, if you could do that on a vintage bike, wouldn’t that be something else entirely?

Of course it would!

Vintage Rides offer some of the most iconic tours across Asia, and Thailand is certainly one of the best sellers. It’s no surprise when you think about it, as the landscapes across the north really are cultural, stunning, and as natural as you are ever likely to get. So many people concentrate on the party-mad island locations, and whilst those are certainly an experience, and a very beautiful one at that, they aren’t really representative of the real Thailand.

The north of the country is home to Chiang Mai, the gateway to the northern mountains and the border regions, and this is also a digital nomad hotspot, where you will find many ex-pats living, as well as backpackers passing through. You can start one of the motorbike tours in Thailand from this location, namely the Golden Triangle Mountains and On the Edge of the Siam Kingdom. These two tours are designed to show you the very best of the Thai culture, as well as the passing landscapes.

The Golden Triangle Mountains trip takes 7 days in total, and 5 of those days are riding your vintage bike. This is probably the most demanding and physical of the Thai trips, beginning in Chiang Mai, and heading into the famous Golden Triangle, moving close to the borders with Laos and Burma, twisting and turning through this stunning mountainous region.

On the other hand, On the Edge of Siam Kingdom takes 12 days, with 11 days riding, and isn’t as tough going as the other tour we have just talked about. Again, you leave from Chiang Mai, on a Royal Enfield motorcycle, heading up into the northern reaches of the country, towards Burma, and lapping the banks of the Mekong River. You will pass by those iconic mountains which seem to have more than a mystical quality, golden, glistening Buddhist temples, and lush forests as far as the eye can see.

Any visit to this part of Thailand is special, there’s no denying that, but heading off on the back of a vintage motorcycle really does give it a totally new edge, and one which will probably prove be truly unforgettable.

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