Nature’s Way

There are very few places on earth which are more stunning in natural beauty than Costa Rica. Bordered by Nicaragua, Panama, and lapped by the warm, inviting waters of the Pacific and Caribbean, here you will experience amazing beaches, jaw-dropping natural sights, and culture in abundance. Put simply, there’s not a lot that Costa Rica doesn’t have.

Once upon a time, this Central American country wasn’t really on the travel radar, but the huge amount of biodiversity has meant that nature travel here is big business. You can find many all inclusive Costa Rica vacation packages nowadays, which will not only take in the natural wonders on offer, but also offer you rest and relaxation as standard.

The capital, San Jose, is a fantastic place to start your Costa Rican adventure, full of vibrancy and excitement, before moving onto a more laid-back destination. You will find countless natural parks, which are said to cover around 5% of the biodiversity on the entire planet. The beaches on both coasts are castaway in vision, and offer fabulous surfing opportunities too. On top of this, you can visit active volcanoes in a safe way, and enjoy the nearby hot springs and mud baths too.

Wildlife at every turn

If you’re looking for flora, fauna, and wildlife, then Costa Rica has it all – here you will find jaguars, exotic orchids, poison dart frogs, colourful birds, and around 6% of the entire plant and animal species in the world – that should tell you a lot!

The weather in Costa Rica can really be separated into two distinct seasons, although the temperature varies very little across the year, being generally very tropical. The wet season, when most of the year’s rain falls, runs from May to November, with the dry season being from December to April. Despite this, Guanacaste sees very little rain regardless of the time of year.

The Central Valley is where most of the city life is based, and this is also where you will find the capital and the airport too. Guanacaste, as we mentioned, is the driest part of the country, but here you will find some stunning beaches, with fantastic surfing conditions, as well as forests and parks to explore – this region is located in the north, very close to the Nicaraguan border. Staying north, you will find the Plains of the North, and despite this being a quiet area in terms of people living there, you will find a lot of tourism here, especially in Quesada, as a base for exploring Arenal, the country’s large volcano, with surrounding hot springs.

An adventure at every turn

Put simply, if you’re looking for something a little different, which we all need from time to time, then Costa Rica really will tick every box on your list. You can find city life in San Jose, a vibrant feel to Puerto Limon, on the Caribbean coastline, as well as coffee plantations filling the air with fragrance in Heredia, before exploring the bubbling fury of Arenal, the surfing fun in Guanacaste, or perhaps trekking your way through a nature park, with plenty to choose from.

If you go all inclusive then you have a base to explore, however don’t let that be a reason to not get out and see more of this beautifully natural, and really quite stunning country. Costa Rica is a haven for nature lovers for a very good reason, and if you’re going to make this a once in a lifetime kind of break, make sure you get out there and really grab it by the horns, drinking in every drop of nature’s very best sights.

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