A Polynesian Treat

Waking up to the lapping waves, bright sunshine, impossible blue seas, white sand, and swaying trees, is this something you dream of? Most of us do, but how many of us actually make it a reality?

The good news? Nowadays it is much cheaper and easier to travel to the most luxurious and far-flung destinations on the planet. How about taking your pick from one of the many Hawaii beach homes on offer?

Hawaii is a destination that offers something for everyone, no matter which resort or island you pick. Remember that Hawaii is not an island in itself, but an archipelago of islands which make up the US state. Because of this, you need to check ahead of time regarding entry requirements for the USA. This could mean and online visa, or it could mean a more formal visa, depending on your country of origin and your individual circumstances. Because a formal visa can be a time consuming process, remember to do this well ahead of time to avoid any disappointments or delays. You will also need a minimum of six months’ validity left on your passport, after the date you are planning to leave the country. Once you cover this red tape, you are in the best position to look forward to your break, without any concerns about it going wrong, or any hold ups at the airport.

Hawaii’s two main islands are the Big Islands and Oahu. The Big Island is called that literally because it is the largest in the archipelago, whereas Oahu is the most populated and the home of the state capital, Honolulu. The Big Island is also home to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and this is a total must visit! Being able to check out these huge mights of nature in person is something you need to do in your life, and a helicopter trip over the top of the park is a real experience to have. Most of these volcanoes are either extinct or dormant, so heading into this park is not something you should be worried or fearful of; on top of this, experts are constantly measuring any activity and any eruptions are predicted very accurately. Simply heed advice and you’ll be fine!

Of course, the weather on all islands is tropically wonderful, so you can expect a suntan regardless! The beaches are simply divine, whichever island you pick, however Waikiki Beach is certainly one of the most iconic on the planet, not just in Hawaii! This is located on Oahu, within the Honolulu city, Waikiki neighbourhood. This is the most touristic part of the state altogether, and around here you will find shopping, nightlife, restaurants, and general holiday fun for all. Oahu is also home to the Pearl Harbour site, so this is somewhere you should certainly visit if you are interested in history, and to show you the real culture and past experiences within the region.

Polynesian culture is obviously iconic the world over, and most hotels will have hula dancing and traditional shows of fire, dancing, and singing – be sure to head to one, because this is something which you simply won’t find anywhere else! Of course, throw in a cocktail or two, and some delicious food and you have an evening to remember, grass skirt or not!

We can’t talk about Hawaii and not mention surfing. The Big Island doesn’t experience the same huge waves as some of the other islands, but this is a good place to learn the sport, because of the less intense waves. On the other hand, Oahu is home to some of the largest waves on the planet during the winter months, especially on the northern coastline. Head here to check out professional surfers trying out their skills – it’s truly a sight to behold!

Other aquatic and fun-filled activities should certainly be explored, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, and water-sports. Having said that, whale and dolphin spotting trips are fantastic experiences to have, so be sure to find one and enjoy it! Clear out your camera memory card, because this alone will fill up a lot of space.

There are other islands to explore, but these two are the main ones in terms of tourism. There are also islands within the archipelago which are not set up for tourism at all, and some which aren’t even inhabitable. This is the sheer wonder of Hawaii overall, the otherworldly landscapes and the feel of being so far away from anything, despite the fact you are still in the USA!

For instance, Oahu might be packed with those amazing touristic attractions, as well as the huge metropolis of Honolulu, but there is a natural side to the island too. Think back to the movie Jurassic Park, remember those strange landscapes? Those were set on a mountain in Oahu! Yes, really!

If you are truly excited by reading about Hawaii, then it’s a clear sign that this should be the next destination on your list. Do your research, save up your cash, check out your visa requirements, and get booking. There truly is no other destination on earth that can offer you the same mixed back of wonder as Hawaii, no matter which island you choose. If you can’t decide on one, why not mix it up and visit a few? It’s totally possible, and will show you the subtle differences on each island.

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