A City to Embrace

Do you venture off the beaten track when you pick a destination to check out, or do you head to somewhere considered ‘safe’ in your mind? Do you return to the same places? Or, do you like to explore somewhere new?

The off the beaten track destinations don’t have to be in a jungle or somewhere high up a mountain, they can simply be places that not everyone really thinks about visiting, for one reason or another. The Far East is certainly full of mystery and intrigue, but these destinations are often put on the back burner because they can sometimes be difficult to visit, and because they are so far away.

The problem is however, if you avoid visiting them for these reasons, you’re seriously missing out.

Hong Kong is one of those destinations that really needs to be seen and experienced to believe it – there is something simply amazing about the huge skyscrapers, the scent of delicious food in the air, the fast-paced, frenetic pace of life, and the idyllic and peaceful temples which sit side by side with all of this. Of course, there is also plentiful modern shopping opportunities, fantastic hotels, and also plentiful nature just a stone’s throw outside the main city downtown area.

Put simply, Hong Kong really is one of those destination that has to be visited in order to say you’ve experienced something so divine.

Getting around Hong Kong isn’t difficult, because the public transport system is very well developed and easy to use, but the fact that the city is so sprawling can make for rather long journeys from place to place. The airport is also a fair distance from some parts of the city, the parts which are considered to be the central areas, and that can add time onto a journey that was already long to begin with. You need to think about how you’re going to get from the airport to your hotel ahead of time to counteract this problem, and there are many ways you can do this; have you thought about hiring a limo?

Yes, you read that right!

Hiring a limo is a great way to kick start your holiday in style, and it also cuts down on commuting time, when you’re probably already tired to begin with. Worried about the cost? Don’t be, limo hire is actually surprisingly cost effective!

Don’t avoid destinations like Hong Kong because they seem too difficult to visit – embrace them instead!

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