You Think You Have an Expensive TV? Think Again.

With the way television technology is advancing so rapidly, there are so many great deals to be had on even one or two year old TVs. The last TV I bought three years ago was a 40 inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $300 USD. That was a great deal then, but could easily be outdone today. This article is not about cheap TVs, however; it’s about the most expensive, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping TVs on the market. The kind of money you’ll be throwing at these TVs just screams, “I have so much cash, I don’t even know to do with it all.” Even that’s not you, one can dream right?

Samsung KN55S9C

Price: $8,999 USD

This is the world’s first full-sized Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) TV. OLED TVs are completely different than the plasma, LCD, and LED TVs that have dominated the market for the past decade. OLED technology is the only reason this TV is so expensive (i.e. new technology always is).

LG 55EA9800

Price: $9,999 USD

Just like the Samsung above, this OLED TV is cashing in on its new technology. OLED TVs are different from LCDs and plasmas for a few reasons: 1) They use much less energy; 2) They are thinner, lighter and more flexible; 3) They are brighter; 4) They are easier to produce and can be made to larger sizes; and 5) They have large fields of view at about 170 degrees.

LG 84LM9600

Price: $19,999 USD

At a whopping 84 inches, this TV is just as crisp as it is big gigantic. It has four times the resolution of regular 1080p TVs. This was the first Ultra HD “4K” television, and has since been used by Sony and several other manufacturers as the basis for their own 84 inch 4K TVs.

Samsung UN85S9

Price: $39,999 USD

Samsung’s very own 4K television comes complete with with a massive easel-like stand. I guess that’s one expensive easel because at 85 inches, this 4K LCD is almost exactly like the LG. The big pull from the 4K Ultra HD TVs (also known as UHD TVs) is definitely the far superior image quality. With four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD, you could be getting eight million pixels compared to two million pixels.

Panasonic TH-103PF12U

Price: $49,995 USD

Why is this TV so expensive? For starters, it’s a staggering 103 inches diagonally. This is basically the biggest TV you can buy (that is, unless you count the the $500,000, 152 inch version, but I’d like to imagine a world in which people don’t have that kind of money). With most plasma TV maxing out at around 65 inches, you’re paying strictly for the size with this guy.

So there you have it. Got boatloads of cash you’re looking to unload quickly? Me neither. But if you did, these TVs aren’t a bad way to go.

Photo Credit: nan palmero via photopin cc

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