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If you haven’t noticed, GoPros are all the rage these days. Hugely popular with action sport junkies, these tiny cameras and video recorders have unlocked sharing adventure in ways completely revolutionary. As Telis Demos of the Wall Street Journal recently wondered, “Is GoPro a Gadget Maker? A Lifestyle Brand? Or a Social-Media Firm?” While seemingly all avenues are open as this company continues to explode, at it’s core GoPro is about the gear. Here’s an overview of the different GoPros out on the market today:

Hero 3+ Black Edition

This is the smallest, lightest, and most powerful GoPro on the market. It would then make sense that it is also the newest model. For $399.99, the 3+ Black Edition boasts 4K video capabilities, a 12MP camera, built in wifi, and a wifi remote. It’s best features are:

  • It’s massive range of movie quality settings
  • The 30fps max still image burst rate
  • Remote and app control
  • Top of the line video and photo quality
  • Good range of accessories

This is GoPros current flagship product. The 30fps is huge because in the world of action sports, being able to take 30 consecutive shots could very well be the difference between getting that perfect shot versus not. Perhaps the Black Edition’s biggest draw over the other GoPro products, however, is its far advanced video shooting modes. While the Silver and White editions support a maximum resolution of 1080p at 25fps, the Black Edition can capture 1080p Full HD video at 50/48/25fps. Additionally, something neither the Silver or White editions are capable of is shooting in 720p at 100/50fps, which is ideal for smooth slow-motion playback of high-def movies. The Black Edition also supports 4K capture at 15fps, or 4K Cinema at 12fps.

In terms of design, the Hero 3+ Black Edition is 30% smaller and 20% lighter than its predecessor, Hero 2.

There is also a Hero 3+ Black Edition, Surf Edition that comes with special adhesive mounts designed specifically for mounting the camera to a surfboard, but is otherwise identical.

Hero 3+ Silver Edition

At the reduced price of $299.99 USD, the Silver Edition is a slightly toned-down version of the Black Edition. The camera resolution is slightly less at 11MP, as well as the maximum burst rate of 10fps versus the 30fps of the Black. In terms of video quality, the maximum resolution is 1080p at 25fps, as mentioned above.

Hero 3 White Edition

The entry-level White Edition of the Hero line retails at a modest $199.99 USD. The camera is a huge leap down from the 3+’s with only a 5MP sensor and 3fps burst rate. Just like the Silver with respect to video quality, the maximum resolution is 1080p at 25fps.

GoPros have permeated into all facets of life. Adrenaline junkies and big production shows like Deadliest Catch alike are using GoPro technology. Their small, power, and user-friendly nature make them the perfect accessory to your adventure lifestyle. GoPros have become the standard for capturing those thrilling outdoor moments.

Photo Credit: Zanthia via photopin cc

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