Awesome Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones are so commonplace today it almost seems silly to say, “smartphone.” It feels outdated. It feels old. What’s not old, however, are these awesome accessories to your smartphone. We got something for everyone in this list from gamers to soccer moms to businessmen to camera snobs to action junkies.


This compact controller snaps onto your smartphone to make gaming on the go that much more enjoyable. It’s not a full-size controller you’d have at home, but it’s a step up from touch screen controls. Imagine racing games in particular with your hands out of the way of the screen.

Breffo Spiderpodium

Breffo touts this as “The Worlds most functional phone holder” and I have to agree with them. Its flexible spider arms allow it attach to just about anything in your car, home, office, etc and provide maximum stability to your phone. Not only will it allow hands free driving, but you could also fix it to the front seat headrest for the kids to watch their own shows in the back seat.

NFC Ring

These titanium rings include two built-in NFC tags which you can program yourself. For example, you could program one to automatically unlock your phone when it’s within range and the other with your contact information so all you have to do is wave your hand behind someone’s NFC enabled phone to give out your contact details.

Mophie Juice Pack

Tired of your phone dying halfway through the day? The Mophie Juice Pack will do wonders for your battery life. With up to 120% extra battery power, the Juice Pack will help you make it through the longest flights or busiest weekends without the need to constantly charge your phone.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit

This 4-in-1 lens kit is a tiny, easily packable accessory that features a fish eye, wide angle, and two macro lenses that you can unscrew and clip on your iPhone to enhance its existing optics. Olloclip also has an app to work in tandem with the lens kit to allow for further editing of your already much-enhanced photos.

Snow Lizard Products SLXtreme

This is the first ever waterproof and solar charging case for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. Perfect for rugged, all-weather terrain, the SLXtreme was designed to meet military standards which address a broad range of environmental conditions, including extreme temperature, shock, sand exposure, and even concussions from gunfire and explosives. It’s also waterproof up to 20 feet, but by far its biggest draw is being able to recharge your phone from the embedded rear solar panel.

Spice up your smartphone with one (or all) of these accessories. Not only are our phone’s insides getting smarter, the exterior accessories are getting better and more useful everyday. Soon, there won’t be anything we can’t do with a phone in our pockets.

Photo Credit: blakespot via photopin cc

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