A City Of Greats Welcome To Architectural London

There aren’t many cities in the world that can boast a skyline quite like London’s. From Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, to The Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Battersea Power Station, London sure packs a punch in terms of iconic buildings and architectural greats.

For anyone interested in buildings, history, and basically discovering a new city full of culture, then London is the perfect choice. It’s really a case of narrowing down your destinations within the city, because there are far too many to visit all at once. On top of that, like in any city, you need to give some serious consideration to where you’re going to stay, and to try to cut costs on top of that. You need to be as central as possible if you’re going to spend your time sightseeing, so it’s always a good idea to book through a reliable agent.

Hotel Direct offer great value accommodation in the Royal Albert Hall area, perfectly placed to explore everything London has to offer, and right next to one of the most beautiful architectural sights in the whole city.

Here’s a few examples you shouldn’t miss.

Royal Albert Hall – The whole area around here is worth exploring, but this stunning example of Italianate architecture is one to behold. Originally built by Queen Victoria for Prince Albert, this is the home of the proms and other iconic events. The hall is a huge auditorium, covered by a dome, which at the time of construction was the largest of its kind in the world. Impressive!

The Gherkin – A great example of modern architecture, this glass, conical skyscraper is a domineering feature on the skyline. Opened back in 2004, designed by Sir Norman Foster, The Gherkin represents the business-like world of The City.

The Houses of Parliament – Iconic isn’t even the word, this is the sight that most people conjure up when they think of London. The Palace of Westminster and the famous clock tower are fantastic examples of gothic revival architecture, built back in 1870. Classically English.

Natural History Museum – There are few buildings in London that are as picturesque as this. The original museum opened in 1881, designed by Alfred Waterhouse and is made up of a sweeping central staircase, sculptures showing wildlife and flowers, and a grand domed entrance.

Royal Courts of Justice – As imposing as a court should be, this is a late Victorian gothic revival style, with high structures, almost like turrets. Opened by Queen Victoria way back in 1882, the building fits in with its purpose perfectly.

St Paul’s Cathedral – This is one of the iconic buildings in London that everyone knows. Hailing back to 1710, Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece is classic architecture, with the famous dome the centrepiece.

The Shard – Another modern architecture great, the Shard is a 310m high glass skyscraper, with a popular observation desk, where you can check out the panoramic view across the city. It is the EU’s tallest structure and contains offices, apartments and a hotel.

The Tower of London – No list would be complete without mentioning this great. Home to the crown jewels, the Tower of London goes back to 1100, in the times of William the Conqueror. The architecture of the building represents its dark history too, and looks imposing from the outside; considering it has been the scene of many a bloody execution, it’s no surprise!

London is full of architecturally great structures, both famous and not so famous, and these are just a few you should certainly check out on your visit to the capital.

Photo Credit: Drift Words via photopin cc

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