The Best Hair Tutorials for Black Women

Each hair type has certain styles that work best for it. Trying to style your hair in a way that doesn’t suit it definitely will not work out very well! Hairstyles can also be hard to pull off but watching tutorials on them will make it that much easier. Here are some of the best for natural and relaxed hair!


Blow Dry & Flat Iron Natural Hair

In order to do this you’ll want a couple products to help it turn out well including a heat spray. A great blow dryer to use is one with a comb at the end of the nozzle to help detangle the hair. The best way is to section your hair into four parts and then combing and drying your hair in smaller sections within that. After that you’ll want to use a fine tooth comb to assist while flat ironing your hair starting at the root. It’s important that you select a flat iron for natural hair first in order to get the job done right! This video will show you exactly what to do!

Crown Hair

This style is adorable and can fix any bad hair day immediately! First you want to start off by sectioning your hair and creating a side part. From the beginning French bread your hair until the end and then repeat on the other side (only using the front sections of hair). Next you should smooth back the rest of your hair with bobby pins. After this you can pull back the two braids in the same direction and secure at the top and in a swooping motion around your head. And that’s it! Watch below to see exactly how to do it.

High Bun

This next one is for if your hair is relaxed and how to create a high bun with it. You’ll want a comb and brush to help get your hair back nice and smooth and a rubber hand with bobby pins to secure it. You’ll also need a couple products; a leave-in conditioning cream and an argan oil for your edges which isn’t necessary, but helpful. A donut shaped hair former is also essential!

First you’ll want to use your cream and comb to smooth all of your hair upwards into a high ponytail and secure it with your rubber band. Now pull your ponytail through the donut and spread the hair down over it and secure with bobby pins to finish the look. Watch below for more details!




This style is great for natural Afro hair. You’ll need a few different products such as a leave-in conditioner and gel to make this style work and keep the curls intact. First you need to section off your hair. Once you’ve completed that you need to use a specific brush to enhance curl definition and then twist your hair while applying moisturizing products. You continue doing this throughout your entire head until all pieces are twisted! The video below will help you see exactly what to do to get perfect twists.


These styles are awesome for any time of year and for any event! The best part is that they’re quick and easy to do so it’ll definitely be a style you’ll want to repeat many times in the future. Follow the descriptions and watch the videos and you’ll be a master of these styles in no time.

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