Techniques for Memory Boosting

There are various ways in which one can use its memory to remember things. In the olden days due to limited information people did not find it difficult to remember the details. However with growing time and technology, now the level of information produced is increased to ten times. People are not able to store the information for a longer time. Even stress makes the memory vague. Therefore today’s generation has adopted new methods of remembering the things. Few of these are by using the actions or through senses or by way of emotions. With the help of all these techniques people now make a rough figure about the data and then link it. Linkage will help to move from one clue to another within no time. There are many linking techniques for memory. Linkage is also regarded as breaking the fact into various smaller components.

Techniques to retain the memory:

There are several techniques present to remember the information. Few of them are listed below:

  1. By way of story memorization: Story memorization means where all the different parts of the information are taken and are combined to form a story. For one to remember the story well, all kinds of emotions, senses and actions need to be attached to them. It is easy to remember a story rather than plain facts. Correlating the facts helps in making the facts less in number. In case one can connect the story personally then it can be remembered for a very long time and thus this way helps in long term memory enhancing process. The story form is the basic form and is generally adopted by everyone. The neutral tissue’s growth level is still positive. One of the basic supplement or drug used here would be the Acetylcholine.
  2. By way of LOCI: This form generally revolves round a particular fact. To remember that one fact, specific locations are assigned. The fact is then correlated with the location and thus in this way one can remember the information. For example: If anyone wants to remember the fact that Dopamine is used to generate the feeling of alertness in the mind. This fact can be linked to the Pacific Ocean and then the sentence can be formed as “Pacific ocean contains Dopamine in it”.
  3. Mnemonics: This is the simplest memory technique where one needs to just substitute the very first letter in each word rather than substituting the entire word. It is very easy and can also be remembered by considering it in reverse order. For example to remember the word acetylcholine one can use the sentence “A Cab Exits the Yard Leaving Clothes Hanging onLarge Intense Nook Ever”. Like this many other sentences can be formed and thus it is also one of the easiest ways to remember things.
  4. Peg Method: In this method the words are assigned with numbers. Words are picked from the facts. The codes will help in reminding the facts.


Apart from the above techniques, many daily supplements have also been recommended. This will help in having long lasting improvements. It can help in remembering the data for short term as well as long term purpose.

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