Celebrating Your Girl’s Journey to Womanhood

Having a daughter is a beautiful thing but it can be difficult to know how to help them during trying times. When your daughter has her first period she is probably going to feel a range of emotions from excitement, nervousness, fear, uncertainty, embarrassment or shock. Knowing how to help them through this and the various stages before and afterwards that result in becoming a woman can be tricky and overwhelming. However, there are things that you can do to not only get you both through it, but to make it enjoyable.

Be Ahead of the Times

We always used to first introduce our girls to tampons and pads when they first got their periods but buying a menstrual cup is much better for your daughter’s body. They have many other benefits but really your daughter’s health is the only one that really even matters in this case. It’s definitely worth laying out all the period management options for your daughter and letting her decide for herself.

Make a Kit

One of the most fun things you can do is create a little kit for your daughter’s first period. It can include a calendar so she can begin to keep track of her cycle, some hygiene products, chocolate, heating pad, and Advil.

Provide Literature

There are so many brochures and pamphlets out there that can explain what’s going on with your body. They can be very useful for your daughter to read and may help to bring up questions she hadn’t even considered before. Books can also be a great tool and sometimes help your daughter have something to relate to. “The Care and Keeping of You” series is a great place to start.

Open Communication

If your daughter doesn’t know that she can talk to you, then whom else can she talk to? This is a critical time in her life, which means it’s a time to develop strong bonds that will last through both of your lifetimes. You want her to be able to come to you for anything and everything and for her to know that.

Attend a Workshop

These can be useful for both of you to learn how to talk to each other about the various topics that are going to come up on the way to womanhood. You will both probably walk away with some new information and definitely some good times.

Period Party

This definitely isn’t for every girl. Some may be too shy about it especially if they are the first of their friends to get their period. However some girls are much more open about it and will probably be thrilled to tell the world they are officially a woman. There should be no shame in having your period so throwing a sleep over or pizza party to celebrate your daughter’s first period is a great way to show her that she should never feel the need to hide it or be embarrassed.

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