Choosing Toys for Your Children

Buying gifts for your kids doesn’t have to be difficult, especially as today there are so many options available. Choose the right toys and they can have a lasting and positive impact on the social and mental development of your child. If you’re researching what gifts to buy for your child for the upcoming holiday season and are wondering what might best suit your kid, then here are a few tips on making sure you get something they’ll enjoy.

Open-Ended Toys

“Open-ended” toys don’t fit neatly into a specific age group, but tend to be used by kids at a variety of points throughout their childhood. These make for great gifts no matter the age, but in order to get maximum use out of them they are best purchased at a younger age. Open-ended toys include things such as blocks, balls, costume or dress-up goods, craft material (glue sticks, crayons, paints), as well as easy to find and cheap things like cardboard box-houses. These are the types of toys that will grow and be used in new and different ways as your child and their imagination grows.

Art Materials for Toddlers and Up

Art supplies are a must have for any household, as not only do they provide your child with the opportunity to express themselves artistically, but they will begin doing paintings and drawing at their nurseries and schools and most likely want to continue the fun at home. Younger kids can get into art too by finger painting, just be sure that the paints are water based and safe for children.

Toddler Toys

At this age your child is really beginning to experience with their senses, so a great way to continue their creative development is by supplying them with toys that will encourage this exploration. Musical toys, especially things like drums that they can bang on, or a small electric keyboard that they can play with will not only provide them with fun new experiences but will also begin to ingrain the functions of music and different sounds in their mind.

Building with Legos and Playmobil

Legos and Playmobil are great toys, usually for kids 4 and up. While younger kids can enjoy playing with Playmobil as well as Lego, be sure to always supervise them, as the urge to put small things like Lego blocks in their mouth is still a serious concern. For older kids, however, Legos are a great way for them to continue developing their imagination, patience, and special skills. For more information be sure to consult a buying guide – Playmobil is a classic toy!

Sports Goods

It’s never too early to get your child interested in sports and physical activity, as this is one of the best ways to ensure they live a healthy and active life. For those old enough to register in a sports league, this is a great opportunity to buy them the gear they will need for their upcoming season.

Remember, you know your kids best of all, so when buying a gift be sure to trust your parental instincts.

Images by tais.pires and olgaberrios used under Creative Commons License.

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