A Polynesian Treat

Waking up to the lapping waves, bright sunshine, impossible blue seas, white sand, and swaying trees, is this something you dream of? Most of us do, but how many of us actually make it a reality? The good news? Nowadays it is much cheaper and easier to travel to the […]

True Paradise Awaits in Hawaii

When it comes to finding the most idyllic, luxurious, and paradise-ridden place on earth, you have many choices at your disposal. For instance, anywhere in the Caribbean, and anywhere in the Indian Ocean would tick your boxes, but booking one of the many Hawaii beach homes on offer give you […]

A City to Embrace

Do you venture off the beaten track when you pick a destination to check out, or do you head to somewhere considered ‘safe’ in your mind? Do you return to the same places? Or, do you like to explore somewhere new? The off the beaten track destinations don’t have to […]

Thailand on Two Wheels

A motorcycle tour is perhaps one of the most iconic and thrilling journeys you can take on the open road; now, if you could do that on a vintage bike, wouldn’t that be something else entirely? Of course it would! Vintage Rides offer some of the most iconic tours across […]

The Things You Learn From Doing Business in Dubai

As if you didn’t already know, Dubai is one of the coolest and most vibrant cities in the world. The endless boats lined up along the picturesque marinas are an Instagram picture waiting to happen. However, there is more to Dubai than the socialites Instagram account may suggest – with […]

Nature’s Way

There are very few places on earth which are more stunning in natural beauty than Costa Rica. Bordered by Nicaragua, Panama, and lapped by the warm, inviting waters of the Pacific and Caribbean, here you will experience amazing beaches, jaw-dropping natural sights, and culture in abundance. Put simply, there’s not […]

7 Family Friendly Summer Destinations

When it comes to taking the whole family abroad for a summer holiday, pleasing everyone can be tricky! And trying to book aspects of the trip yourself – flights, hotel, airport transfers – while budgeting for kids’ holiday activities and daytrips can be stressful. It’s often easier and cheaper to […]

Dubai’s Pier 7: the Ultimate Wedding Venue

Dubai is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities so it should come as no surprise that it ranks highly as a honeymoon destination. But this city also excels when it comes to fine dining establishments and if you’re looking for a glamorous wedding reception location […]

26 Traffic Laws You Didn’t Know About in South Africa   

Driving in South Africa is not a precise science. While there are many rules in place on the statute books, very many of them are ignored in daily driving. While the most important traffic rules are quite strictly enforced, such as speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal parking, […]

Your Guide for Travelling Through Ireland

Best known for its lush greenery, Guinness, and Saint Patrick, Ireland is a great place for your next trip. We’ve compiled a guide for traveling through Ireland, including must-sees and little known facts. You’ll be sure not to miss Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. This mesmerizing series of lava plateaus […]