The Future of Sports Cars

When it comes to choosing a brand new car, who doesn’t look at the higher end of thespectrum first, just to whet the appetite? When it comes to sweet-looking sports cars, everyone wants to cruise down the street, gaining admiring looks from those they pass, tunes blaring and a seriously […]

A City Of Greats Welcome To Architectural London

There aren’t many cities in the world that can boast a skyline quite like London’s. From Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, to The Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Battersea Power Station, London sure packs a punch in terms of iconic buildings and architectural greats. For anyone interested in […]

You Think You Have an Expensive TV? Think Again.

With the way television technology is advancing so rapidly, there are so many great deals to be had on even one or two year old TVs. The last TV I bought three years ago was a 40 inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $300 USD. That was a great deal then, […]

Vertu Cell Phones (And Why They’re So Amazing)

The homepage of their website boasts a falcon dressed in a slick-grey, Bond-esque suit casually strolling out of his penthouse apartment which overlooks London towards an equally slick private plane. Who’s they you might ask? Oh, no one, just the ultra-luxury cellphone company, Vertu, whose phones retail between $6,000 and […]

The GoPro Lifestyle

If you haven’t noticed, GoPros are all the rage these days. Hugely popular with action sport junkies, these tiny cameras and video recorders have unlocked sharing adventure in ways completely revolutionary. As Telis Demos of the Wall Street Journal recently wondered, “Is GoPro a Gadget Maker? A Lifestyle Brand? Or […]

Awesome Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones are so commonplace today it almost seems silly to say, “smartphone.” It feels outdated. It feels old. What’s not old, however, are these awesome accessories to your smartphone. We got something for everyone in this list from gamers to soccer moms to businessmen to camera snobs to action junkies. […]